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Iron sharpeneth iron. Our environment makes us. What kind of environment do you find yourself in?


We gather together to share ideas as well as our experiences so as to get better at our craft as well as to become better citizens of earth...

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Upcoming events

We hold monthly meetups of our mentees and mentors in different parts of the world. To join, find one near you...

13 nov 2018

Personal development as a key to career success

We would be discussing how we can improve our social and technical skills outside of the four walls of schools so as to remain relevant

London, U.K

13 dec 2017

The rise of the new man

Acceptance of the need to evolve into better people who are change agents in society and are working together to make a difference in society.

Enugu, Nigeria

13 feb 2019

From employee to employer

Gaining the right skills as an employee that are pertinent for personal growth and empowerment so as to be able to launch your own business in future

Port Harcourt, Nigeria