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A people called to a higher purpose...

Our story

A long walk in a direction to fulfil purpose and raise the next generation of leaders that would shine their light brightly...

The work done by the foundation started around 2004/2005. It was ignited by the concerns of interns in the place of work of our founder in Port Harcourt. Bearing in mind the educational and career needs of these interns, our founder developed a training program for these interns leveraging his network of colleagues who are experts in different fields for which the interns were students in.

Due to his passion for helping the interns during their training period in his company of work, our founder utilized his break period to mentor these young people as he had training sessions with them at least once in a week. As a result of his work with these young people (who ended up bringing their colleagues from other departments in the company to the training sessions) the Human Resource Department was so impressed so much so that they said: “He helped them achieve their objectives”. He ended up being bestowed an ambassador to the interns in his department by the Human Resources Department and they ended up crafting a better and more robust program for the interns in the company.

Due to the vagaries of his work, our founder was posted outside of the country for which he returned back in 2011 (although, he was posted to a different location within the country this time). He saw the same problem amongst the interns in his new office and being a problem solver with a template for success for such problems, he replicated his work in Port Harcourt in this new place of work and recorded even more success. However, a new problem arose which would end up broadening the scope of the work our founder did for young people. After their internship period, these interns bothered about their future employability and career which invariably implied that they needed guidance. This led our founder to be invited to present a paper at the University of Lagos Engineering Faculty. Also, he ended up having meetings with these young people outside of the work environment coaching them on how to prepare winning resumes, tackling interviews and as well as crafting a fulfilling career path.

His time in Lagos however, came to a halt and he was posted back to Port Harcourt only that this time, his workload wouldn’t avail him the opportunity to carry on with his training sessions with the young interns in the organization. For this reason, he set up a mailing system so as to continue coaching past interns who had passed through his tutelage and as well decided to move on to an online platform so as to have a wider reach and become even more accessible to young people not just within the confines of his workplace but across the country since the beauty of the web is that it has no boundaries and wisdom can easily be shared across it.

How we are constituted

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in society by helping unleash the infinite potentials welled up within them. We are passionate about the following things...


Helping young people be the best they can be in their academic pursuits and guiding them through the process at every stage of their journey

Academic support

We all needed help in one way or the other during our days in school. We walk with young people through this phase of their life so as to help them achieve their dreams


We glow up when we hear of innovation or strides towards creating value. We guide young people in their entrepreneurship journey; providing them the necessary information and tools they need for success


We all aspire to be the very best in our field of endeavor and so we help young people to be the best they can be as well as grow in their workplace and beyond.


Guidance is profitable for focus and sense of direction. Therefore, we coach and counsel young people towards taking the right path at every crossroad of their life.


We mentor and network young people leveraging on the diverse skills and network of our team and partners spanning across several years of experience and many fields of human endeavor

The foundation is a non-profit charity organization registered on the 15th of March 2015 in Nigeria basically with the intention of equipping young people to bring about the positive difference we yearn for in our society. We want to create in youths a hunger to transform from being dependent in society being interdependent amongst themselves and as well inspiring the younger generation following them to be the best they can be. The foundation intends achieving its plans by mentoring and coaching young people by guiding them in their academics throughout their school period and as well nurture them towards crafting a fulfilling career for themselves. The foundation as well provides financial support to youths in their academics as well as those who intend venturing into entrepreneurship.

We basically want to provide the shoulders from which the younger generation would leverage upon to live their best life and be the change agents we want to see in society.

Our mission

To inspire the youths in order to bring out the excellence in them.

Our vision

A new generation of youths living out their dreams

Our work started out as a result of the need to meet the needs of youths. Statistics show that youths are the bedrock of the development of any nation and so we want to see youths living out their dreams and enacting their potentials thereby becoming even more useful to their family, relevant to their society and instrumental to the success of the nation. We want to bring about social transformation in the society and the easiest way to do that is through the youths who would pass through the system and as well mentor others thereby bringing about a multiplier effect in the work being done by the foundation. Our founder believes in training youths to be value creators in the society by discovering their gifts, developing these gifts and as well deploying it towards greater good. By so doing, they become active citizens who would have transcended the humanity’s basic survival instinct to a level of influence in their society.

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